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Precious Gemstone: Jade Formation and the Finest Jadeite Jade in Burma

Precious Gemstone: Jade Formation and the Finest Jadeite Jade in Burma

Key Takeaways

You could question the origin of jade when you observe its peculiarly green hue. Did it come from space? Unfortunately, this is not the case, as genuine jade is generated in various locations across the planet.


What causes jade's green color? We'll look at where it's most commonly found, the science behind it, and how it forms geographically. Consider us your personal jade experts, here to teach you the fundamentals of jade. Dahlia has over 15 years of expertise selling real jade, so you can put your faith in us.  If you wish to learn more please check out  How to Identify Natural Grade A Jadeite Jade: Trained Eyes and Certification


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Where is Jade Mostly Found?

  • Jade is the most valuable gemstone in Asian culture. It has been known for 5,000 years since the Neolithic Age as a material for tools, carvings, and gems, now known for jade carvings and jade jewelry. There are a few pieces that that can be considered Eternal Circle Jade Necklace  Real Grade A Certified Burma Jadeite for Inner Peace 
  • China has long been a significant jade producer, as well as a leading jade cutting center, jade consumer, and jade market.

How Are They Formed Geographically? 

A distinctive gemstone called jade can be discovered in regions like Eastern Siberia and the Polar Urals. After that, the raw jade is shipped to China, the hub of the jade market, and the location of the best jade artistry. 


Although jade is a well-known gemstone, its unique construction makes it quite expensive. The existing or new crack opens when there is another shift or earthquake, and water that contains dissolved jade rushes through the fissures to create a new layer of jade. 

Jade can only be formed under specific circumstances. Jadeite, in particular, is a mineral that is formed during the metamorphism process and is associated with metamorphic rocks. Natural jadeite deposits are only usually found along the geologic locations where tectonic plates meet. The majority of jadeite is found in rocks with high pressure, which causes jadeite deposits to separate.

Discover the allure of the Finest Jadeite in the World. This informative resource unveils the regions renowned for producing the highest quality jadeite.
  • Emerald green "imperial" jade, the most valuable variety, is more valuable than diamonds. It has an almost transparent and vibrant emerald-green color. If you want to learn more about the level of jades transparency check out this link at Transparency of Jadeite Jade
  • The finest quality jadeite can only be found in the Burmese state of Kachin. The living conditions in this area of Burma are harsh, transportation is slow and arduous, and active military combat is always a risk. In other words, not only is it difficult and dangerous to obtain jadeite jade, but getting it to market also entails risks. These reasons contribute to the high cost of premium Burmese jadeite.


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