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Jade Origin - What is Jade?


Brief History

Since ancient China (770 BC), jade has been regarded as the most precious stone and cherished by Chinese royalty and elite. It is thought to be a mystical stone that symbolizes good health, purity, and moral integrity, while many also believe in the stone’s healing and protective qualities, as it is said to ward off bad spirits and support loving heart energy. 


Two Types: Jadeite vs Nephrite

Jade is a natural mineral that is known for its green varieties. There are two types of Jade in the world - Jadeite, and Nephrite. Originally, Nephrite was the more popular type of jade in China, and it was not until 1784, that the rarer jadeite jade, was discovered in Northern Burma. From the 1800s on, jadeite jade was regularly imported into China and became known as the superior jade.

Jadeite is rarer, denser, and harder than Nephrite is, and therefore, the more valuable of the two. Color is another way these two differ, as jadeite can come in an array of colors (green, lavender, red, white, and yellow) while nephrite is usually only found in various shades of darker green, white, and sometimes, black.  Nephrite is much more abundant than Jadeite and will typically have a lower level of luster and translucency, which are both traits that jade enthusiasts greatly value.

nephrite vs jadeite hardness scale


Jade Color

Imperial Jade Green Jadeite Color Authentic Grade A

As we all know, the color most often associated with jade is green, however, jade can also come in various shades of lavender, red, yellow, white, brown, black, and gray. So which color jade is the best or most valuable?

The most highly coveted jade is a color known as “Imperial Jade”. The most famous and expensive pieces of jade jewelry in the world all happen to be this magnificent color.  It is almost transparent but boasts a vibrant emerald green color that will truly catch your eye.  According to the GIA, “The green that can command millions of dollars in the marketplace is pure and penetrating, a vivid hue with no hint of gray that looks intense even from a distance.”

Just behind Imperial Jade are “Kingfisher Jade” and “Apple Jade”. “Kingfisher Jade” is similar to Imperial jade but not quite as vivid or vibrant, while “Apple Jade” will have a yellowish tint to it. There is also “Moss in Snow Jade” which is a translucent white color with bright green accents within it.

lavender jade color authentic jadeite jade grade a     yellow jadeite jade grade A authentic real


Among all the other colors, lavender stands out and above the rest. A quality piece of lavender jade will command a higher premium because of its bright, beautiful, and intense nature. While these are the general guidelines you can follow, we strongly believe that you should buy what you like and firmly agree with the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.






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