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Jade Authenticity - How can you tell if Jade is Real?


Jade Jewelry Authenticity Real Genuine Certified Grade A

How do you tell if Jade is Real?

Honestly, without being a jade expert or having years of experience evaluating jade, it is a difficult and complicated task. The good news is, we have an easy solution for you.

Unlike most jade retailers, each piece of jade jewelry purchased from Dahlia will come with its very own certificate of authenticity. This validates and proves that our jade is 100% genuine grade A jadeite jade, something that is often in question when shopping for jade. These certifications are a unique identifier because not one jade is alike, so they are assigned a specific certificate number and a picture of your jade will be on the certificate as well. Below is an example of our certificate and what will come with your order.

We invest the extra time and resources to have our jade jewelry certified by China’s National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) so that our customers can buy our jade with confidence. The NGTC is the highest authority for certifying jade gemstones, comparable to the GIA for diamonds in the United States. The NGTC certifications are acknowledged internationally by ILAC-MRA and CNAS and national by CMA.


Verifying and Using the Jade Certification


Scan QR code: The best and easiest way to verify the information of the certificate is by scanning the QR code with the camera on your smart phone. See the image below.



Check Online: The second way to verify is to check online. Printed on the certificate is the website where one can enter information to verify jade, or click here: Note: you may have to click "translate" so that your browser translates the site from Chinese to English. Once you're there, navigate to the Certificate Query section and enter your Certificate ID & Total Mass.


If done correctly, your results will look like the image below.





5 Quick Ways to Check if Jade is Real or Not

Besides buying a certified piece of jade, here are 5 quick ways to test if your jade is real or not.

  1. Look for Air Bubbles – When stones are dyed, it makes the stones weaker and more brittle, so it is injected with polymers to make the stones stronger again. Sometimes, this will leave tiny air bubbles in the stone and that is a tell tale sign of a fake or altered jade.
  2. Verify Color – Natural jade should have variations of color within the stone and it should be consistent throughout. If the stone is too bright, too smooth, and too vivid, it is most likely dyed and chemically enhanced.
  3. Temperature Check – Real jade should  has a natural coolness to it. For this test, hold the stone tightly in your hand for 1-2 min to warm it up. If the stone is still cool, it’s real, but if it warms up and is no longer cool, it is probably a fake! (Tip: You can also put the stone to your face if it's easier)
  4. Scratch Test – Real jade is very hard and quite dense so it shouldn’t be easy to scratch. Do a scratch test with your fingernails or pin by lightly rubbing against the surface. If it leaves a mark and easily scratches, it’s likely that the jade is fake.
  5. Sound Test for Density – For this test, you’ll need a piece of jade that you know is real. Tap the suspected jade against the real piece of jade several times and listen carefully for the sound. If the jade is real, it will make a deep, resonate sound, however, if it sounds like two plastic beads being tapped together, the jade is probably fake.

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