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Craftsmanship of Jadeite Jade Cut: Simple Crafting Or Masterpiece?

Craftsmanship of Jadeite Jade Cut: Simple Crafting Or Masterpiece?

Craftsmanship is a key indicator of identifying the quality of the jade. The higher the craftsmanship, the higher the jade quality. Artisans perfect their craft with only high-quality authentic raw jade. Using poor-quality jade is not possible due to its low intrinsic value. Therefore, the more detailed and intricate craftsmanship, the more value the jade stone possesses. There are various different shapes and symbols which can be cut out of gold; each one bearing a motif (wealth, luck, protection, etc).


Jade craftsmen are concentrated when crafting the raw jade. This process is usually done in China where most of the highest quality craftsmanship and jewelry come from. There are also many tools and planning that go into shaping a real jade and cutting it to the perfect size. Even when different pieces of genuine jade are crafted into the same symbol, the craftsman’s skills are taken into account when pricing the piece.


Three images showing different jade Buddha. The jade considered a masterpiece is on the left that is transparent and clear. The one in the middle is well crafted and polished and is semi-translucent. The one on the right side is commonly crafted, showing a regular green jade.


Finding the perfect piece of jade jewelry might be a hassle but knowing the variety of factors can definitely help find that piece of jade that is worth its value. Keeping in mind the factors of texture, transparency, clarity, color, and craftsmanship shown in the images of the jade Buddha above.  


Some of these qualities overlap with each other which makes determining the value easier. Jadeite with smaller particle sizes (finer texture) also has higher transparency. These jade stones will often be used by artisans to create jade jewelry much higher in value as their high intrinsic value makes working on them worth the time.


The image shows the higher the number following Q, the higher the quality of the jade at Dahlia.


At Dahlia, we take all of these qualities into account and assign our jade jewelry a Q number. The higher the Q number, the higher the jade quality overall. The jade coin chart on the right gives an example of the different jade pendants and their corresponding worth.


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