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Transparency of Jadeite Jade: The Importance of Jade Brilliance

Transparency of Jadeite Jade: The Importance of Jade Brilliance

The transparency of an authentic jade refers to how easily light can pass through an object. As light passes through the jade, the color within is reflected, giving the green jade its brilliance. The more transparent the jade stone, the more valuable it will be. With transparent jade, you can look through the gemstone and observe its depth and vibrant colors. 


On the other hand, opaque jade hinders the passage of light, resulting in diminished shine and reduced value. These patches and veins within the jade jewelry make it less desirable to consumers. As a result, a more clear and vibrant jadeite is more appealing to the customer's eye.


Transparency and texture work together with each other as both of these qualities depend on the arrangement of the particle structure within the jadeite. The more uniform and even the particle size, the smoother the texture it will create and the more transparent the jade jewelry will be. 


As depicted in the image below of a jade Buddha pendant, you can observe a scale that represents the clarity of the jade. On the left side of the scale, where the jade Buddha is clearer, the value of the pendant tends to increase, making it more expensive. As you move towards the right side of the scale, the jade necklace becomes more opaque, causing the details of the necklace to be less visible and thus less valuable and popular among customers.


The jade Buddha is shown on the left to be more transparent, and as the graph moves to the right, the jade Buddha becomes more opaque with a green color.


How do Jewelers Test for Transparency?

To test the transparency, jade buyers would place a thin slice of jadeite onto the printed paper and would read the print through the authentic jade. If the print is legible, that means the jade stone has high transparency, even if the jade has a vibrant saturated color. Great transparency can compensate for the other properties that the gemstone lacks, such as color. 


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