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Grade A Natural Jadeite Jade vs Treated Jade Grades B and C

Grade A Natural Jadeite Jade vs Treated Jade Grades B and C

Jadeite jade is categorized into three grades: A, B, and C. These jade grades are used to rate how different jadeite jades were altered and treated. There is a great difference between the Grade A, B and C even though all three are real jadeite. Depending on the alteration, the jade’s value can decrease significantly as it is not natural jade anymore.


Grade A, B, and C Jade

Jadeite jade has been historically subjected to various enhancements. In recent years, to help determine the naturalness of jadeite, experts have come up with a grading scale for evaluating a piece of jade. Jade imitations are another thing experts look out for when evaluating jade quality.  The Grades A,B and C were created because there were so many dishonest businessmen who altered jade in order to sell it at a greater price. When we talk about the jade grading scale, we are talking about jadeite jade, but nephrite jade also has its own grading.

The table shows grade A natural jadeite indicates that it has not been subjected to any form of chemical treatment and grades B and C might not be safe to wear.


Grade A jade is completely natural with absolutely zero treatment besides cutting and polishing. Polishing, also known as waxing, is a common practice and does not devalue the jade piece as it is only a thin top layer. Grade A is the highest natural quality jadeite there is. 


Grade B jade has been treated by being bleached or soaked in hydrochloric/sulfuric acid. This is done to clean the inside of impurities such as unwanted colors. A Grade B jade pendant has five to ten percent the value of grade A jade. It is often hard to tell if jade has been chemically treated when buying so it is best to ask the seller.


Grade C jade has gone through all the treatments mentioned for Grade B but is also dyed to improve the color or consistency of the color. The dyeing process is detrimental to the jade stone as it weakens its structure and could require further treatment like injecting it with polymers to make it stronger again. Grade C jade has very little to no value. 


At Dahlia, we only offer grade A jadeite jade, so you can buy with confidence that our jades are natural and authentic. When buying grades B or C, you may experience fading of color or even skin irritation due to the chemicals used to treat the jade pendant so it is not recommended to wear these jade jewelry. Make sure that you are buying jade jewelry from a reputable company like Dahlia to ensure that you are getting the real and natural thing so there won’t be any dangers in wearing altered jade.


Overall, jades aren't just jadeites or nephrites; there are different grades as to how they were treated and why they look the way they do. Authentic grade A jade is the best quality type of jade compared to grade B or C jade  because it retains its natural vibrant green color and is safe to wear. 


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