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Jadeite Jade’s Spiritual Value and Cultural Significance in History

Jadeite Jade’s Spiritual Value and Cultural Significance in History

Unlike gold, which value can be determined by the percentage of its content in the jewelry, jade’s value is much harder to assess. Many factors help determine the value of jade. The factors are texture, transparency, clarity, color, cut, and size. There is no one defining factor which determines the value of jade, as each factor plays a significant role. Different sellers have different standards of measurement so you always have to make sure that your seller is reputable and credible. Jade is more than just how much jade (weight) there is, but the overall effort that went into crafting and cutting the highest quality jade. We have to take into account these factors when pricing jade and more information about these qualities can be found here. We are going to dive deeper into the spiritual value of jade and its cultural significance.

Jade means long life and good health to the Chinese so it also has spiritual meaning that sets it apart from other materials. They believe that jade removes impurities and protects the owner. It is said that if a piece of jade breaks, then it has suppressed some type of misfortune for its owner. Jade is also a symbol of higher power whether as a symbol of gods or for protection.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have viewed jade as an amulet for luck and healing. Jade, or 玉 (yù), is traditionally revered in many Asian cultures. This is closely related to the word for emperor, which is 王 (wáng). This is significant because the Chinese language uses half the character to convey the meaning of the word. This means that possessing jade is a symbol of royalty. It is also used to symbolize beauty and elegance so it is often worn by women. These jadeite jewelry are not only a symbolization of beauty, but also a symbol of interconnection between your loved ones and yourself. While jadeite jewelry is popular in China, other countries value the aesthetic of jadeite as well, such as Vietnam.

Through the passing of time, these values are also passed down from generation to generation resulting in the high regard of jade to many people. It is also important to know that these values only apply to real and natural jade. As jade gets more and more popular due to social media and cultural diffusion, the prices will only get higher and more fakes will be produced, but at Dahlia where we ensure the authenticity of the jadeite jewelry as Dahlia has over 15 years of experience in selling jadeite jade.

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