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Simple Carved Jadeite Jade Designs for Success, Fortune, and Peace

Simple Carved Jadeite Jade Designs for Success, Fortune, and Peace

There are many designs that jade can come in. You might wonder why jade? What is the significance of these designs being in jade rather than something else like gold or silver? What is the meaning of these designs and where did they come from? We will be exploring these questions in this blog with various jade designs.

To answer why jade? Jade has healing properties which other materials do not have. They are also a lucky material that not only help with luck, but also long health and prosperity which can then be paired with the design to make things even more meaningful.

Circle Design

The circle design has long been associated with the meaning of renewal of life and eternity.

The jade coin or “ping an kou” (平安口) in Chinese, is a classic jade design. Reminiscent of a traditional Chinese coin, it grants safety, harmony, and fortune to its wearers. It is also known as a “bi disc” and simply by a “circle design”. Often with a thread through the middle that allows it to be worn around the neck, the circle may be accompanied by other designs that add to its natural beauty. The simplistic, but meaningful jade pendant makes a great gift for friends and family.


Bamboo has a firework design that was used to warn of evil spirits. As a result, the bamboo design took on the same meaning.

In Chinese culture, bamboo represents resilience and longevity. It is  frequently used to represent the wishes "bu bu gao shen" which means "every step brings more success". Bamboo also symbolizes youth, modesty, and righteousness.

In its carved shape, bamboos have joints or notches that symbolize continuous success in life whether they are promotions in the career or exams for students. It is most suitable for students and working people to bring them success in their studies or careers with each step higher.


In Chinese culture, the leaf refers to the leaves from the Cosmic Tree which represents all life in the world.

The combination of jade and leaves has long been popular. After years of accumulation, it has amassed a wealth of meanings. Chinese people are happier because they adore their children and grandchildren. Wearing a jade leaf pendant indicates that your children and grandchildren will prosper. One of the best gifts for newlyweds is jade leaf pendant jewelry. Jade leaves can bring good fortune to those who are eager to be eager.


The passepartout is actually used in Chinese herbal medicine for healing and longevity purposes.


Passepartout is also called transfer beads. It means that the road is smooth and everything goes smoothly. The shape of the passepartout is simple with its center empty so that a rope or chain can go through the hollow neck to make it into a necklace. When worn, it can be rotated continuously by the movement of people symbolizing a smooth path through life, transportation, and so on.

It is suitable for men and women whether old or young. A non-stop spinning passepartout can help luck turn in your favor so let it keep spinning.


This base color is called “fortune green”, which carries a good implication to the wearer.

Jade calabash jewelry has a gourd-like shape with a smaller round top and a larger bottom. The ancients believed that this shape had the power to dispel and drive away evil spirits. As a result, the family must hang the gourd-shaped jewel in the house for safety and good fortune.

In the myths and legends, people used the calabash to store panacea so to the elderly, jade calabash jewelry means healthy and safe, longevity. If a sick child wears a jade calabash pendant, the jade pendant can protect their health and they will grow up with less disease.

“Calabash” in Chinese (“hu-lu”) sounds like “fu-lu” which means happiness, blessing, and good fortune. The calabash is a great gift for anyone you wish to receive happiness and fortune. If you are intrigued by the symbolism of the calabash, give a loved one an authentic grade A jadeite jade calabash pendant from Dahlia!


Cabbage is phonographic to best wealth in Chinese. Very good omen to business people. The image is of the famous Jadeite Cabbage, one of Taiwan’s cultural treasures.

In Chinese, cabbage is called "bai-cai," which sounds like the words "hundred wealth" in Chinese, implying wealth making this a great gift to business people as it is a good omen to them. The vegetable is also associated with health and peace and represents honesty and innocence.

Sometimes a locust and a cricket are perched atop the lifelike jadeite cabbage where the two insects represent fertility. Green leaves and white stalks are natural colors, and flaws in the stone, such as cracks and blotches, resemble cabbage veins. This simplistic, but meaningful jade pendant makes a great gift for any loved one.

Blessing Melon

The shape of the blessing melon is always plump, with a hint of a good harvest.

The jade melon pendant is generally simple and generous, and can be worn by people of any identity and age, whether men, women, young or old, it is a very popular accessory in the jade market.

Melons and fruits are popular subjects for jade carving. Such subjects frequently require only a few simple outlines to complete the reproduction of the appearance characteristics of jade melons and fruits, emphasizing the jade's closeness to nature's pure beauty. The shape of the blessing melon is always plump, hinting at a good harvest and that one is rolling in abundance in wealth, children, and blessing for many generations.

Because melons in nature have many seeds, the jade melon pendant jewelry represents the prosperity of descendants and families. At the same time, it adheres to the Chinese people's traditional concept of fertility and represents people's longing for a better life. This is an amazing gift for friends and family. You can purchase your own blessing melon pendant for yourself or a loved one at Dahlia where you can rest assured about the authenticity!

Kidney Bean

The kidney bean can come in a variety of designs where there can be up to four beans together each having different meanings to its wearer..

Beans are the most common auspicious things in traditional Chinese culture. It represents the richness and beauty in things such as a  harvest, number of children, and blessings. Kidney beans are also on Buddha’s food menu which makes it a suitable gift for buddhists.

Four beans in green beans represent peace and good health during the four seasons so it is also known as the four season bean. It also symbolizes hope and the anticipation of a new life.

Three beans are associated with good fortune, long life, and wealth while two beans are associated with good relationships between the mother and child. When many women wear two jade beans during pregnancy, it is said to protect the mother and child. Give someone a kidney bean design jewelry to wish them peace and an abundance of fortune and blessing.


Ruyi is a combination of concepts of “in accord with”, and “wishes”.

Ruyi is a combination of concepts of “in accord with”, and “wishes”. The word itself can be an expression of one’s desires, as well as satisfaction, or contentment.  Its natural appearance resembles that of a scepter, and it is traditionally used in Chinese ceremonies as it represents both power and good fortune. In ancient times, the scepter was used to give directions or to protect oneself from the unexpected. Through Buddhism, the Chinese ruyi has been adapted by Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese disciples.

As the ruyi represents and encourages desires to fulfill one’s dreams, it is a great gift for all ages. It is especially meaningful as a gift for encouragement. This one-of-a-kind ruyi pendant is available for purchase at Dahlia.


This bat design is often seen on an elder’s auspicious costumes. This particular design where a bat holds coins in its mouth symbolizes fortune right in front of your eyes.

You may be wondering what a bat means in Chinese symbology. Their symbolic presence is used in ancient Chinese homes, along with fortune symbols, and carried by deities such as Chung Kwei and Sau Sing Kung to represent wealth. If you look closely, the head of the ruyi jade design is usually shaped like a fortune bat spreading its wings. They do not represent dracula as the west believes. In China, bats signify prosperity and have the ability to deflect illnesses or outbreaks that cause unnatural death. Bats usually appear near an elder’s auspicious clothing.

Giving this pendant to a loved one will bring good love and fortune to the recipient. This pendant is appropriate for both men and women.

A Grant to Whatever You Wish

This pendant may appear strange, but it is said to grant the wearer any wish they desire.

This pendant name comes from the Chinese phrase “you-qui-bi-ying” which means it grants the wearer’s wishes.

The design is divided into two parts: the bottom is a round ball, with a Pixiu dragon on top. The pixiu dragon is a mythical Chinese hybrid creature with the head of a dragon and the body of a lion. The creature is regarded as a formidable protector of its master. It is said to have a ravenous appetite for only gold and silver, which it does not expel. The origin of a Pixiu's status is a symbol of wealth acquisition and preservation. It is also regarded as a formidable protector of its master. Chinese people believe that a Pixiu can grant their wishes.

This bracelet suits both males and females, and also makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones.

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