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Mystic Animal and Creature Designs for Wealth, Luck, and Peace

Mystic Animal and Creature Designs for Wealth, Luck, and Peace

There are many mythical creatures that appear in Chinese folklore. Some creatures bring luck and others wealth. These creatures are then made into jade designs since jade symbolism include nobility and wealth.


This jade is of a Logma, a fabled creature in Chinese mythology

Longma is a fabled creature in Chinese mythology. Its shape consists of a horse's body, and the scales of a dragon. Thus it is called a dragon horse in Chinese mythology. A dragon horse is the qi, or a vital spirit of Heaven and Earth. There is a Chinese idiom where longma is used with the meaning of “eminent person” and can represent a vigilant spirit full of vitality even at an old age.

This jade suits both male and female and its meaning makes it one of the best gifts to wish one success, give strong morale support, and encourage vigorous spirit in any situation.

Two Dragon Bead

 This dark piece of jade is emulating two dragons in a round form

This is a jade piece of two dragons in a round form with a beaded necklace. According to legend, these two dragons represent safety and prosperity for others. For those who are suffering and are misfortunate, the dragons are there to ward off danger. This symbol is prominent in Chinese culture which can be found as designs everywhere and as statues.

Because of the nature of the jade’s meaning, this jade works excellent as a talisman to grant safety to loved ones and friends. This jade is suitable for males, but especially for females and children for protection.

Colorful Turtle

This colorful jade bracelet is made from jade pieces with turtle shell lines on the surface.

Colorful jade pieces of turtle shells lines on the surface are usually made into a bracelet. It is commonly known that turtles can live for a very long time. Thus a bracelet made of turtle shells symbolizes the wishes of health and longevity in life.

There are three colors among the jade: green, lavender and yellow. Each color has a different meaning: green means longevity, yellow means prosperity, and lavender means good fortune. Turtles are also a part of the four  mythical beings that symbolize longevity and prosperity. Because of this, it is also believed that turtles are a link to god. Since ancient times, turtle shells have been believed to bring good fortune to people and the belief is still relevant today.

This bracelet design suits both male and females. It also makes a great gift for your friends, loved ones, and for individuals whom you wish to have a long and prosperous life.

Pixiu Dragon

A unique pixiu dragon grade A jadeite jade hanging from a green woven silky cord

Pixiu is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature with the head of a dragon and the body of a lion and as a dragon. Considered the ninth offspring of the dragon, they are known to be very powerful protectors to their master. It has a strong appetite for money, as it attracts fortune from everywhere and absorbs its body. Because it is associated with money, Pixiu made of jade is considered very powerful. The phrase “pi-xiu” is a combination of the two genders, pi being male, and xiu being female. A pair of Pixiu is often collected to protect one’s house or wealth. They are often found among banks throughout China. The Pixiu is also a guardian as it protects one from disease and evil spirits.

Grade A jadeite Pixiu dragon pendant necklace is a well-received gift for couples and children to protect them from evil energy. Pixiu dragon pendants also make a meaningful gift for people who wish to obtain a great deal of wealth for the year such as business owners. You can find the Pixiu dragon jade necklace and Pixiu dragon jade bracelet at Dahlia if you ever want to give anyone a quality gift.

Dragon and Phoenix

: Dragon and Phoenix together means the balance between Yin and Yang and a happy marriage.

The dragon is the oldest totem and is an important figure in China. They are a symbol of the emperors of ancient China who strongly believed that the dragon had the power to bring them what they desired. For that reason, Chinese emperors usually regarded themselves as descendants of the dragon. Phoenix is another old totem, the incarnation of perfect femininity, representing love and beauty. Their appearance represents the start of a new prosperous era, or new beginnings.

The synergy of a dragon and phoenix signifies the balance between yin and yang (based on the theory of Chinese yin-yang harmony), a happy marriage, an auspicious blessing, and a combination of strength and beauty. Those who wear a jadeite pendant necklace of a dragon and phoenix carving will receive good luck in both their life and home. This set of pendants makes a thoughtful wedding gift for newlyweds. It will also make a great housewarming gift for your friends and families. If you are looking to buy a dragon phoenix jade necklace, purchase it at Dahlia where we offer 100% authentic grade A jadeite jade.

Golden Toad

This three feet Golden Toad is a reptile that can bring in wealth to the wearer.

The golden toad jade design has three feet and a coin in its mouth. It is a reptile that can bring wealth and prosperity to its owners. It is said that this creature will appear during a full moon near houses or businesses that will soon receive good news. The news is also usually wealth related which makes this the ideal gift to business people.

Sometimes the golden toad is sitting on a pile of coins and on its back is seven diamond spots. Not only does the golden toad attract wealth, but it also guards against bad luck. The creature should not be placed directly opposite the main door (facing outwards) as it symbolizes the flow of money. It should also not be placed on the floor, but on a table or ledge. Also do not place the golden toad in the bathroom, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Monkey Pick Peaches

This is an imitation of a monkey picking peaches, a Chinese phrase that means "luckiness."

When people say the phrase “monkey pick peaches” in Chinese, it is a phonogram with “hao-cai-tou” which means luckiness. This is suitable for business people, investors, and stock holders especially in China for people that live in the Chaoshan, Guangdong, and Guangxi area.

The connection between monkeys and peaches comes from the story of the Monkey King and Heaven’s Garden of Immortal Peaches. In Chinese folklore, Heaven is ruled as a bureaucracy by the Jade Emperor and Empress Queen Mother. The Empress Queen Mother often has banquets at the Lotus Pool in Heaven where immortal peaches are served. The Jade Emperor has put the Monkey King in charge of the Garden of Immortal Peaches since he is very capable of causing trouble. One day when the Empress Queen Mother decides to hold a banquet, it is reported that the Monkey King has picked and eaten all the peaches from the garden. This is a crime punishable by death, but the Jade Emperor is unable to capture the Monkey King since he has become so powerful from the peaches.

Finally, Buddha appeared in heaven and subdued the Monkey King, punishing him under the Five Hand Mountain for 500 years and then embarking on a journey to the west for spiritual awakening. The story is to show that the fruits of immortality are not gotten from stealing the peaches, but rather a daring and arduous journey of spiritual awakening. In any designs with monkeys, you will usually see a peach including our own monkey zodiac pendant at Dahlia where we only sell certified grade A jadeite jade jewelry. Learn more about the Chinese zodiac monkey and what it symbolizes.

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