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Mythical Jadeite Jade Designs for Protection, Happiness, and Longevity

Mythical Jadeite Jade Designs for Protection, Happiness, and Longevity

When you think of religious jade designs, you might wonder if they have any ties to Buddhism or Asian culture in general. The Chinese regard jade to be valuable for religion, as well as for spiritual and medicinal purposes. The Chinese would traditionally place a green jade stone in the mouths of the recently deceased. Green jade is associated with the heart in Chinese culture.

Laughing Buddha/Maitreya

Buddha symbolizes good fortune, peace, and harmony.

Maitreya, or the Laughing Buddha, is widely known for his compassionate heart,  high strength mana, and fortune. The Laughing Buddha is the ultimate symbol for having a very high strength mana and can help people pass through suffering. People believe that it can bring good harvest and turn calamities into blessings.

The image of an authentic Maitreya jade pendant is deeply loved by people because of his optimistic personality. It’s common for jade designers to carve the Maitreya on jade as a pendant necklace or a statue. Having Maitreya by your side makes an excellent protective talisman, which is powerful enough to keep the evil away. The jade carving of the Laughing Buddha makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones who you wish harmony and peace for especially children and elders.

At Dahlia, we offer certified genuine grade A jadeite jade. We sell not only the Laughing Buddha pendant necklace, but also the Laughing Buddha head jade bracelet and Laughing Buddha jade bracelet.

Caishen/God of Wealth

Caishen (財神) is the Chinese god of wealth and money, depicted surrounded by attendants.

Caishen is the god of wealth and money in Chinese mythology. He is revered in both Taoism and Chinese folklore, particularly during the Chinese New Year festivals, when people hope to see Caishen bring them good fortune in the coming year. People still believe that he holds that position of authority and is capable of making one's greatest financial wishes come true, which is why his statue is frequently displayed in many homes and businesses, and even worn as jewelry.

It is a suitable design to gift friends and family especially those that desire wealth or you wish wealth to.

Buddha Hand

In Chinese, the Buddha hand is phonographic to the blessing hand.

Despite the name buddha hand, it is actually a citrus fruit which looks like a lemon with long, finger-like segments growing from it. It is used for its scent either as an air-freshener, perfume, or in a dish.

The buddha hand symbolizes happiness and longevity, and it is often used as a religious offering at temples. In Chinese, buddha hand is a phonograph to (“fu-shou”) which means blessed hands. Elders really like this good omen of more kids, happiness, and health.

Fu, Lu, Shou

Each of the three gods symbolize positive blessings to one’s life.

Fu, Lu, Shou can be a large piece of jade jewelry representing the gods Fu, Lu, and Shou. They are also known as “sanxing”, or the three stars. Depictions of this trio of gods often feature the three in the aforementioned order from right to left. These three gods embody the essence of Taoism. Taoism's goal is to live a long and prosperous life. As a result, these gods represent good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. These values are embraced and highly valued in Chinese culture, making these three gods extremely important in the lives of their followers. They are the only gods in the Chinese polytheistic religious system. Because of what the three gods represent, many Chinese homes and shrines contain statues or representations of them.

As they are extremely popular in Chinese tradition, these carved jade figures will make an excellent gift for anyone who wishes to have the attributes that these gods represent. It is a great gift for adults, children, family, and friends.

This pendant necklace suits both male and females, and can also be a great gift for your friends and loved ones. You can buy Fu, Lu, Shou jade necklace at Dahlia. At Dahlia we ensure that all our jade jewelry is grade A jadeite jade.

Guanyin Goddess

 Guayin is one of the most worshiped deities in Buddhism.

This is a carved jade pendant depicting Guanyin. Guanyin is one of most worshiped deities in Buddhism. She is referred to as the “goddess of mercy and compassion” as she comforts the troubled, cures the sick and saves beings from suffering and ignorance.

Guanyin is also popularly known as the "child-sending Guanyin" who grants parents filial children, similar to the Virgin Mother Mary in Christian denominations. Because of her unconditional love, she is especially regarded as the protector of women and children. Some coastal and river areas of Southeast Asia also regard her as the protector of fishermen, sailors, and generally people who are out at sea.

Guanyin suits both males and females symbolizing love and compassion for its bearers.  Because of Guanyin’s protective traits, this jade will make a great gift for mothers-to-be (females who expect children) and children. It is also used as a gift to grant safety to people who are out at sea. If you are looking to buy a Guanyin jade necklace, purchase it at Dahlia where you can rest assured that our jade is genuine grade A jadeite jade.

Guan Gong God

The figure, Guan Yu or Guan Gong born 1840 years ago, is the most respectful and trustworthy Chinese hero deity.

The figure, Guan Yu or Guan Gong, is the most respectful and trustworthy Chinese hero deity exemplifying loyalty, justice, bravery, and wealth. He is also a revered figure in Buddhism, Confucianism, and Chinese folk religion. In many Taoist shrines, he is a prominent symbol respected and admired by many. In the 14th century, a novel called Romance of the Three Kingdoms publicized the accomplishments of Guan Yu which further increased his popularity.

Guan Gong is regarded as a god of wealth for his loyalty and trustworthiness, the two most important traits for businessmen in Chinese culture. His statues are commonly seen in many Chinese-ran businesses all over the world.

Guan Gong is also seen as a god of war. He is known as the most powerful and most righteous general. Thus his statues have been worshipped in police stations. He is also regarded as a god of health. Ancient Chinese people believed that illnesses were caused by evil and Guan Gong was powerful enough to keep that evil away.

Bearing those meanings, this necklace is a perfect gift to any business person in wishing their business prosperity, to a man for his manhood, and to your loved ones to protect them from evil. You can buy the Gong Guan God jade necklace at Dahlia where we only sell certified genuine grade A jadeite jade.

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