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Grocery Terms and Conditions


  1. 授权码; 购买农产品必须有授权码, 请在放折扣码中输入您所收到的授权码。 授权码不是折扣,因为任何人都可以下单,但是这个新鲜农产品只供应给纽约市,所以需要用授权码来区分和确认。
  2. 最低订购量: 农产品的最低订购量为50美元。
  3. 取货地点区域: 仅供参考
    • 皇后区: Cloverdale Blvd & 56th Ave, Bayside, NY 11364
    • 斯塔滕岛: Hylan Blvd & Jefferson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306
  4. 最终订单: 每周六我们会根据当天农产品存货量,品质和价格为大家配好订单, 并通过电子邮件确认您的订单详情以及取货具体地址。因为蔬菜天天变,请在“ Order Notes 订单备注” 部分填写如果您购买的菜没有,愿意换的菜的品种。如果您有部分订单取消,这部分金额会退回你原来的付款方式。 如果有欠费,请在提货前付清。
  5. 提货: 所有订单必须在周日取走。 取件必须是非接触式的, 并在到达前5分钟致电给取货点,以便我们将您的订单留在门口。 对任何未及时取走的订单,我们将不对质量(例如新鲜度)负责。 未领取的订单将被捐赠,并且不会退款或退款。
  6. 质量保证:所有的农产品都直接来自于纽约最大的蔬菜供应商,原供应给超市和餐馆,品质会更新鲜。同时我们会仔细检查每笔订单。 请在取件时查看品质。如果有任何问题,请马上打电话给取件点,当场处理并解决所有问题。由于新鲜农产品的特点,我们无法负责取件以后的品质问题。 所有销售都是最终的,没有退款或退货。
  7. 因为我们还会继续在纽约市添加取货点。 所以请您下单的时候填写您的家庭住址,以便我们考虑在顾客多的附近增加取件地点。如果您愿意在您家/办公室设立取货点,请联系
  8. 以上所用日期是一个例子,每周有可能根据实际做调整,如有调整会在这个网页通知。
  9. 这是一个BETA计划,难免会有考虑不周之处。 如您有任何意见和问题,请发邮件 给我们。 疫情期间请大家相互多包容。

    To fight COVID-19 together, Dahlia is temporarily offering fresh produce, at the request of New York vegetable suppliers and customers, to alleviate the stress and risk of going out to get groceries.

    You can place an order online and pick it up without any personal contact. Please read the following instructions and terms carefully to ensure a pleasant and smooth shopping experience:

    1. Authorization Code: Please enter the authorization code you received in the discount code section. The authorization code is not designed to offer a discount but to ensure a valid order. Anyone can access this page, but the fresh produces are only supplied to residents in New York City.
    1. Minimum Order: Grocery minimum order is $50.
    1. Pickup Location Area: Reference only
    • Queens: Cloverdale Blvd & 56th Ave, Bayside, NY 11364
    • Staten Island: Hylan Blvd & Jefferson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306
    1. Final Order Confirmation: On Saturday, we will confirm your order based on the actual inventory, quality, and price of fresh produce. Final order details such as pick up location, time, and contact phone number will be provided via email. Due to the daily fluctuation of produce, please fill in the "Order Notes" section what produce you are will to exchange for if something is not available. If any part of your order is canceled, the amount will be refunded to your original payment method. If you have a balance due, please pay it off before pick-up.  
    1. Pick-up: All orders must be picked up on Sunday. The pickup must be non-contact. Please call the pick-up location 5 minutes before your arrival so we can leave your order at the door. We will not be responsible for the quality (such as freshness) of any orders that are not picked up in time. Uncollected orders will be donated and will not be refunded or credited.
    1. Quality Assurance: All fresh produces are directly from New York's largest vegetable suppliers, originally supplied to supermarkets and restaurants. Quality should not be worse than the supermarkets, to begin with.  At the same time, we will carefully check each order during packing. Please check the quality when picking up. If you have any questions, call the pick-up location immediately to resolve all issues as soon as possible. Due to the nature of fresh produce, we cannot be responsible for quality issues after pickup. All sales are final and there are no refunds or returns.
    1. We will continue to add pickup locations. Please fill in your home address when you place an order so we can add them near the areas with the most demand. If you are willing to set up a pickup location at your home/office, please contact
    1. The dates (cut-off, pick-up dates, etc.) mentioned above are subject to change. Any changes will be notified on this page.
    1. This is a BETA plan, there may be situations that we have not considered. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at Since we are in the middle of an epidemic, please be more tolerant.