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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide
Gifting is sweet but could also be a challenging job. It’s especially hard to please moms who already have everything you can think of.  We put together this gift guide hoping to spark one or two ideas that might help you out. 
Let’s start with jewelry, which has been one of the favorite gift categories for moms because of its sentimental value and uniqueness.  Pearl jewelry is certainly No.1 pick for moms.  With advanced techniques in pearl farming, today’s pearl jewelry selection is beyond your imagination.
If your mom appreciates delicate vintage-like jewelry, Dahlia’s Vintage Seed Pearl Collection  may be to her liking.  Seed pearl jewelry is so rare that it is only seen in exhibitions; it is seldom seen in stores.  Dahlia’s Vintage Seed Pearl Jewelry is so exquisitely beautiful and unique that it can become a family heirloom.
Vintage Seed Pearl Jewelry
If you have a chic mom, you may want to present her with some Stylish Pearl Jewelry such as this lovely pearl necklace.
Stylish Pearl Jewelry
or One-of-a-Kind baroque pearl jewelry
If your mom likes classy looks,  think about some Classic Pearl Jewelry  such as a strand of must-to-have timeless classic white pearl strand set or some elegant pearl jewelry sets.
Classic Pearl Jewelry
Besides pearls, colorful and spiritual gemstone jewelry is also a great choice to consider.
Giving Jade Jewelry can wish mom luck and longevity.
Jade Jewelry
Rose Quartz Jewelry presents love.
Coral Jewelry symbolizes life and blood force energy
Aquamarine Jewelry  wish mom peace and serenity.
Aquamarine Jewelry
If your mom loves Swarovski Crystals, a Swarovski Element Jewelry such as the Cherry Blossom Jewelry Set which symbolizes feminine beauty would be a perfect choice. 
Still need an idea? Try a brooch which any mom can use to dress up an outfit, a coat, or an accessory.
Scarves are favorite gifts too. 
If you have an artsy mom who likes Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet, Renoir and etc, a luxurious oil painting silk scarf may hit a home run.
A lovely evening scarf should please any social moms
Or a classic designed hair clips for mom’s with long hair. 
Last, but not least, what about a Purse Organizer ! It will help mom find items in her purse more easily, and allows for quick switching of handbags without forgetting anything.
Still can’t find anything you like?  Not to worry.  You can always show your mom how much you appreciate her by cooking her a meal, and helping her around in the house with cleaning and doing the laundry, etc.
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